IASL-BNER targets the BNER problems of protein-protein interaction extraction (PPIE) and biomedical event extraction (BEE) tasks. It takes the advantages of the interpertability of knowledge-based approach and the learning ability of logistic regression model. Results showed that BNER outperformed several open source BNER systems and state-of-the-art method in 12 different corpora including 5 PPIE corpora and 5 BEE corpora.

Annotation Guideline

You can download our Annotation Guideline.

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Ensembled Biomedical Entity Dataset (EBED)

You can download our EBED.

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Revised JNLPBA

You can download our Revised JNLPBA corpus.

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Entity (Concept) Knowledge Base

You can download our Entity (Concept) Knowledge Base.

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API page tells you how to use our BNER system by calling IASL BNER web service.

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System architecture

We introduce the framework of IASL BNER.

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